SpongeBob Ashtray


This is a SpongeBob ash tray, hand molded, hand painted, and sealed with coats of resin for durability and gloss. Each tray I make is made with love, time, and patience, please understand this takes time. 


Some things to note:

  • Every tray will be made to order so please allow some time, due to the amount of orders your order could take up to a month to get to you.

  • You have the option to pay a deposit up front rather than full price. I will not send any orders out that have not been paid in full. 

  • If you would like to have priority on your order please pay full price for the tray up front. 

  • The resin coat is perfectly safe to ash on as long as the 'cherry' of whatever your smoking does not directly lean on the resin. This is what the holders are for on the side. 

  • I will not be customizing any of these orders, my customs will be open later if you would like to have it customized. 

  • If any tray comes damaged please email me: earthhoneyart@gmail.com